Koichi's Request



Koichi's Request

I was thinking of opening a museum. Do you think Florans like things like that? I'd really like to get to know Nuru better... Anyway, I need exhibits! Could you please bring me a Grand Avian Sarcophagus? You're most likely to find one in an Avian tomb.


僕はミュージアムを開くことを考えてた。フローランたちはこんな風なことを好きだって思う?僕はNuruについてもっとよく知りたいんだ…それはさておき、僕は展示物が必要なんだ!お願いだからGrand Avian Sarcophagus(石棺)を持ってきてくれないかい?もう君はAvianの墓の中でそれを見つけたも同然だ。


Grand Avian Sarcophagus × 1


Thank you so much! This will make the perfect centerpiece for the Avian exhibit. I'm sure Nuru will very much enjoy such a stunning piece! And everybody else too, of course...




Manipulator Module × 1

Light II Augment × 1


pixel × 1000

Avian Tomb(Avianの墓地)でGrand Avian Sarcophagusを収集し、Koichiに渡せばクリアです。


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