For millenia the Apex were close to human in appearance until breakthrough research into accelerated evolution lead to the creation of the “Vestigi-Evo Process”. The VEP allowed the Apex to trade physical devolution for intellectual evolution.

The Apex operate under a collectivist regime controlled by the Miniknog (The Ministry of Scientific Progression). Each Apex dedicates his life to the survival and progression of the Apex as a whole. The nature of this regime allowed the VEP to be administered species wide in less than 10 years.

The most honored members of Apex society are those chosen by the MiniKnog to donate their bodies to furthering the VEP. Those chosen for the experimentation process are rarely seen again, but their names are said to be inscribed on the wall of the chosen which sits deep within the Ministry.

For a time the MiniKnog received criticism from several prominent Apex for what appeared to be a bias towards selecting only the poorest in society to be members of the chosen. This criticism was silenced however when the critics themselves were selected.

There are whispers of a rebel group ready to denounce the MiniKnog and lead the Apex into revolution. But in Apex society discussion of dissension is punishable by death.

Glory to the chosen!


セット名 Power_Icon Armor_Icon Energy_Icon Health_Icon Tier
Defector's Set 50 25 10 10 Defector's Mask Defector's Chestguard Defector's Pants 1
Rebel's Set 100 45 20 20 Rebel's Hood Rebel's Chestguard Rebel's Pants 2
Insurgent's Set 150 60 30 30 Insurgent's Mask Insurgent's Jacket Insurgent's Pants 3
Revolutionary's Set 200 70 40 40 Revolutionary's Bandana Revolutionary's Jacket Revolutionary's Pants 4
Rogue's Set 250 75 125 50 Rogue's Hood Rogue's Chestguard Rogue's Pants 5
Assassin's Set 250 75 50 100 Assassin's Mask Assassin's Chestguard Assassin's Pants 5
Spy's Set 300 75 50 50 Spy's Hood Spy's Jacket Spy's Pants 5
Infiltrator's Set 300 80 150 60 Infiltrator's Helm Infiltrator's Breastplate Infiltrator's Greaves 6
Usurper's Set 360 80 60 60 Usurper's Hood Usurper's Coat Usurper's Pants 6
Frontliner's Set 300 80 60 120 Frontliner's Helm Frontliner's Breastplate Frontliner's Greaves 6