Humanity was a flourishing species with a high evolution rate and extremely hardy in terms of healing, recovery and endurance. They were the first race to engage in space travel, both for science and entertainment, but their limitations restricted them to their own solar system. Eventually they began to war amongst themselves more frequently, and with Earth's resources depleting, returned to the space race as each of the world's superpowers attempted to claim and colonize new planets. While in the midst of a particularly lengthy struggle to claim Mars, the humans observed a Beast From Beyond The Stars crash land on Earth. World leaders were heard to exclaim 'it's like something out of a sci-fi movie' and 'we'd better run for it' and 'maybe it's friendly, let's not be hasty'. (This person was later fired.)


セット名 Power_Icon Armor_Icon Energy_Icon Health_Icon Tier
Scouter's Set 50 25 10 10 Scouter's Visor Scouter's Chestguard Scouter's Greaves 1
Scavenger's Set 100 45 20 20 Scavenger's Helmet Scavenger's Breastplate Scavenger's Pants 2
Pioneer's Set 150 60 30 30 Pioneer's Helm Pioneer's Chestguard Pioneer's Pants 3
Outrider's Set 200 70 40 40 Outrider's Helm Outrider's Chestguard Outrider's Pants 4
Trailblazer's Set 250 75 50 100 Trailblazer's Helm Trailblazer's Breastplate Trailblazer's Greaves 5
Vanguard's Set 300 75 50 50 Vanguard's Helm Vanguard's Flak Jacket Vanguard's Pants 5
Adventurer's Set 250 75 125 50 Adventurer's Helm Adventurer's Chestguard Adventurer's Pants 5
Universalist's Set 300 80 150 60 Universalist's Helm Universalist's Techjacket Universalist's Techpants 6
Wanderer's Set 300 80 60 120 Wanderer's Helmet Wanderer's Chestguard Wanderer's Pants 6
Seeker's Set 360 80 60 60 Seeker's Helmet Seeker's Chestguard Seeker's Pants 6